On Combat Training

AMERICAN STREET COMBAT® is a hard, military style of close combat. Against enemy soldiers on the field of battle, or deadly thugs on the streets.

Bill Miller took the easiest but most effective techniques from Karate, Judo & Jiu-Jitsu, for very fast, close-in fighting combinations. Many at the elbow & knee range. The result is an extremely effective system.

AMERICAN STREET COMBAT® is an extremely effective and outstanding close combat fighting style, for the military, police and professionals. It's also for the individual who desires to raise their warrior skills to a higher level. The training is very realistic, intense and focused on winning and ending the confrontation quickly, against one or more aggressors.

The average Hand-to-Hand Combat fight, is over in minutes.

With this style, it's over in seconds.

However, the right mental attitude must be there, or it won't be as effective.

This training places extra emphasis on how to successfully fight on your feet, and not go down to the ground.  Six volumes of the most effective skills training techniques and methods are covered along with strategies for many of the most common situations faced on the streets. Fool with the DVDs over time and this training can lead to the skills of a Black Belt. American Street Combat defenses include bladed weapons, sticks and gun, etc.

American Street Combat training teaches you that it is essential that you make yourself a Hard Target by moving and hitting simultaneously. If you are facing multiple Bad Guys you must use extremely quick stunning blows to give yourself time to move back and forth between opponents; delivering powerful, devastating attacks before they can react and attack you. Make sure to come back and deliver fast combinations of blows to each thug before they can recover and to insure that they go down. It is all over in seconds... Always maintain the Warrior attitude...


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