A street fight is a violent bloody blur and it’s over in seconds… Victims are often killed or left bleeding and broken with traumatic injuries… Don’t let this happen to you or your family.

In today’s violent world, you’ll not have the luxury of fighting just one attacker… rather the bad guys/gals will come at you like a pack of dogs, from all directions. Thugs/criminals want your stuff and will not hesitate to kill you to get it… terrorists are ideologically driven and simply want to kill you… Awareness is critical!!

Traveling families are easy targets, in parking lots, on the beach or downtown in broad daylight, & the same with obvious professionals, wearing the business suit and carrying an attaché case, an easy mark, usually unaware of danger… easy victims.

Bill Miller’s AMERICAN STREET COMBAT WARRIOR® training can save your life. It’s easy to learn and does not require extensive physical prowess. Most anyone, from young to just young at heart, can learn the basic principles and actions that will get you out of a street fight alive and kicking. This system is the most direct and effective method of fighting several thugs at the same time. It’s a combination of karate, judo and jiu-jitsu, designed to either put one thug down quickly without permanent damage… or to take out several thugs & break them up fast and hard.

This style places great emphasis on awareness and also fighting on your feet, because you can be the world’s greatest grappler, but while your down on the deck with one guy, one or more will be kicking your face in, or slicing you up with a knife…

The core of this system is the preemptive strikes that you instantaneously execute. If you know you’re in a life or death situation, you don’t wait for them to attack… instead you take them by surprise with a succession of swift & violent combinations including whirling hits and kicks.

It’s far better to be judged by twelve… than carried by six!!!

How safe are you??

The majority of us would answer that we are relatively safe most of the time; but what about that one-in-a-thousand exception?

If we read the papers and watch the news we see that our world is quickly becoming more and more dangerous. The number of violent gang members nationwide is rising at an alarming rate; there are over 100,000 in the sanctuary city of Los Angeles. The rising number of gun and knife attacks is the subject of newspaper articles all too often.

Statistics tell us that, over the course of our lives, we are likely to be the victim of a violent assault. What would you be prepared to do today to greatly minimize the potentially horrific outcome of that future assault? Or avoid it all together?

Would you be willing to pay closer attention to your surroundings on a daily basis? Would you be willing to practice a few simple mental exercises and develop habits that help you avoid walking in to danger? If so, please contact us. One of the first things we teach is that the best way to survive a violent physical confrontation is to avoid it. Our Awareness Training will show you how to do just that.

Of course, no matter how safe and cautious we try to be, sometimes violent thugs and criminals find a way to try and victimize us. This is why we train clients daily in…


Combat training also deals with weapons training. We start with defense against very common weapons such as knives and clubs. We teach our clients how they must train their minds to be completely focused and train their bodies to act on reflex to any attack that is threatening their lives, or the lives of those they care about. This also consists of Pre-Confrontation Mental Training. It is imperative that an individual ingrains their mind with “Action/Reaction” options. Once you are in a physical confrontation, especially one involving a weapon, there is no time to think things through. You must act/react instantly based on prior mental conditioning. Part of this conditioning is heightening your everyday awareness and developing certain habits; there are several habits that can save you from victimization. Performing some of these “Safety Habits” on a regular basis can seem embarrassing, silly, or even paranoid. The point that you want to keep in mind is that it is worth being embarrassed or feeling paranoid Ninety-Nine Times to be right and safe just once.

After covering defense against an armed attacker, most of our clients request training in the use of Legal, “Everyday Weapons.” This can consist of knives, short clubs, canes, short staves (walking sticks) and many additional Weapons of Opportunity. No matter if you are traveling or at home; at work or at play; there is always a Legal weapon you can be carrying to defend yourself and those about you.

Here are a few points to keep in mind, whether you are traveling or at home. One of our core philosophies is that of the Preemptive HIT & RUN. In short, we train our clients to Hit First, Hit Hard, Hit Often and Exit the area safely and as quickly as possible. Never wait for more “Thugs” to so up. When traveling, always dress down and don’t wear jewelry, a good choice is to wear sweats and be inconspicuous and blend into the environment your traveling in. Don’t carry an attaché case, as it’s an automatic target for thugs.


Chris Mechling, Bill Miller, Nick Mechling, Mike Miller
Certificates from the Marine Corps

Honored with the unique rank of Black Belt Emeritus by the USMC for pioneering a new style of close combat... a lethal & instantaneous preemptive combination of continuous strikes against several enemy soldiers... simultaneously... a combination of Karate, Judo & Jiu-Jitsu...

Certified to train Marine Black Belt Instructors
in USMC Close Combat


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