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This is a comprehensive website that should help you to understand more about Bill Miller, AMERICAN STREET COMBAT WARRIOR® and the benefits this fighting system offers to practitioners. If you don't see your question or would like to recommend one please contact us.

How do I get promoted from White through Black Belt?

Practitioners who would like ranking in AMERICAN STREET COMBAT® must seek recognition directly from the Millers, Grandmaster Gary Alexander or Mechlings. Currently there are no other certifying masters.

If a military or civilians are interested in learning from or affiliation with the Millers, Mechlings and the AMERICAN STREET COMBAT® they can write to ALL FIGHTING ARTS for more information. Please make sure a resume and current contact information is included...

Do I need a partner for practice?

No you can train without a partner and have good results. If you had a ASC master instructor with you it would be better but we can have everything -- right?? If you can get a friend to train with you - it is good but no essential for much of the practice.

With regard to the DVD series - AMERICAN STREET COMBAT WARRIOR® is one of the first series of DVDs that teaches combat through live fire - full power striking on realistic targets like a "BOB" The instruction is detailed enough that beginners can follow with it together.

How long will it take for my DVDs to arrive?

The guaranteed time is 4-6 weeks. Generally, however, orders ship in the first 1-2 weeks.

How can I reach a live person?

Call us if you have a question at (888) MARTIAL

How effective is learning from DVDs compared to a school?

These are the only videos for learning AMERICAN STREET COMBAT®. Enormous time went into producing them not to mention Bill Miller's remarkable experience and understanding. There is no replacement for excellence. Learning with these DVDs will give you exposure to tools that have saved lives and can with effort and understanding guard yours as well.

I was wondering how I would go about exchanging a bad DVD?

If one or more of your DVD's or tapes are not functional please send it back with your order number and contact information. See the contacts section for more information about shipping.

Do I need some special equipment to practice AMERICAN STREET COMBAT®?

No you do not need special equipment. A "BOB" (Body Opponent Bag) is very useful and recommended by Bill Miller for training with the AMERICAN STREET COMBAT WARRIOR® set. The "BOB" can be purchased through our store -

How long is each volume of your AMERICAN STREET COMBAT WARRIOR® series?

Each of the six volumes are roughly one hour each.

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