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I am privileged to have gotten to know Master Bill Miller. He is a true warrior. His fighting style "American Street Combat" is simple, down to earth and, most importantly, effective. This fighting style addresses one, two or more opponents at the same time. In real life one cannot choose the number of aggressors to fight at once. The American Street Combat DVD Series shows the techniques in great detail. First the moves are explained in all aspects, second the application of the moves is shown and third they are repeated in slow motion so that you can witness again exactly how they are applied. This approach makes it much easier for anyone to learn the techniques. All the moves are straightforward and easy to remember. This is a must have DVD Series for folks serious about simple and effective self defense. 

Gabe Sonyey
Black Belt – American Street Combat

"Over the years, I was involved in various Martial Arts. While I am sure that learning forms, studying ancient weapons and eastern philosophy is very appealing to many people, my only purpose was to become better able to defend myself and my loved ones. Therefore I had little patience for ritual and extraneous trappings.

Then, I had the good fortune to have a friend introduce me to Master Bill Miller. During the first class, I realized that I had finally found a home in the Combat Arts. Everything Master Miller teaches is geared solely towards keeping you and your family safe, and to deal with a violent attack immediately and decisively. The fact that he has "walked the walk" his entire life makes him uniquely qualified to teach a system that works in the real world, every time.

I travel extensively, and sometimes find myself in dangerous situations. On three occasions, I have been able to deal with imminent threats using what Master Miller has taught me. I can assure you that his system works when the chips are down.

Everything in his DVD Series is directly from this same hands-on training that works immediately. The step-by-step instruction can be used as soon as it is learned. Long amounts of time and memorization are not required.

I know that I am much better able to protect my loved ones because of what I have learned from Master Bill Miller. I cannot recommend him, his DVD Series, or his style, more highly."

Quinn Bremes
Black Belt, American Street Combat

Upon entering the realm of this intriguing six hour street self defense martial arts series I found it so interesting, entertaining, and eye -opening informative, it was impossible to stop watching it through the first four hours! After viewing the third two hour disc I realized each two hours flew by before I knew it!

I was unexpectedly surprised and amazed when Bill Miller went over ~ in the second disc entitled " Identifying The Enemy"- all the tell tail signs alerting someone to a potential street thug threat! I compelled my wife ~ and wish anyone else witnessing this terrific set of great knowledge ~ to study this D.V.D. # two first, as it is so extremely imperative you have this foremost awareness of mind because forewarned is in fact forearmed.

Very informative were the descriptions, locations and review of the various target areas of the body in which to maximize devastation to an opponent. This was taught through a moderate detailed pace that possessed my attention and was easily absorbed.

With each defensive to preemptive hit they patiently demonstrate points to incapacitate a bad guy and either take him out entirely or allow oneself to flee to live another day with the loved ones of their lives.

I felt Bill Miller's compassionate depictions of what to do when confronted in a real time situation were incredibly believable and realistic.

I learned numerous places which are favorite areas of bad guys and muggers who lay in wait for their victims. If it wasn't for AMERICAN STREET COMBAT WARRIOR I would never have been conscious of these perils. In this section Bill Miller depicts what muggers and gang members do and how they go about doing it. I found this info to be vitally significant.

Through out this three D.V.D. set there is an excellent variety of individual instructors and expertise. All the demonstrated moves are shown lighting fast and then repeated several times in slow motion. Everyone so realistically portrays their contributions it is very easy for oneself to see, conceive, and believe executing them automatically with out even thinking about it.

Before I viewed I thought they would brush over with brief general explanations the different ideas of self defense simply to intrigue you into signing up for personal studio instruction. However this was unequivocally not the case. They all showed a serious professional desire to insure maximum comprehension in accurately learning what they were training you for. There obvious objective was to make sure you understood their instructions weather you were an adolescent or an adult of any age. 

In the section of "Weapons of Opportunity" in which there are examples of items people carry with them all the time -or if not should- they ignite your awareness of them and how to take full advantage of these effective opportunities of defensive life protecting measures.

Everyone involved with this project insures you realize it is truly a jungle out there no matter where you live, work, or play. Good people need to be prepared for any threat at any time.

Wonderfully presented and executed, masterfully produced, with exciting music that intensifies the entire experience.

I reaped tremendous knowledge and abilities from this truly amazing set. Well worth ten times the purchase price! I sincerely recommend this to every law abiding individual as well as any and all professional law enforcement personal.


Having been a student of the Millers for the last three years, and their style ASC, I can say that their DVD is a no nonsense overview of their philosophy of Defense 360 ...... Identify-Defuse-Neutralize any potential threat ....... a must have DVD! Bill Miller’s system has, in a short amount of time, shown me simple, yet effective, methods of defending myself in a dangerous street situation. After training for less than 5 months, and continuing to train, I have gained a significant self confidence about my ability to take care of both myself and my family. His system requires no outlandish, fancy moves and is easily understood and applied. I would recommend Bill Miller’s American Street Combat System to anyone interested in real-life “Street” defense that works.

F. Griffin
Private Detective, Del Mar CA September 2005 

I found the DVD video "America Street Combat Warrior - the No-Nonsense Guide to Fighting to very informative, helpful and entertaining. I especially like the demonstrations of elbows, hand punches on the demonstration "Bob" dummy. A very good mix of instruction and demonstration.  

John Ellis 
San Diego, CA 

The American Street Combat DVD Series is a superb work of quality life-saving techniques. Bill Miller and his Instructors use the Martial Arts in a practical, effective way. It is well crafted and easy to follow. Great for beginners, experts, or teachers. The six parts of the DVD Series are a seminar in striking and kicking in the most effective areas. It is an eye opening anatomy lesson that we should all learn. I have had the privilege of learning under Bill and Michael Miller’s tutelage. They are modern day Samurai with a life-time of knowledge. The Miller’s have been a gift from God to all of us in the Ramona Tang Soo Do Academy.  

Gearld Denney
Instructor - Ramona Tang Soo Do Academy

American Street Combat gets you as close as ever possible to real word scenarios. Hand to hand combat combined with footwork, with single or multiple attackers, it will give you the skills to survive attacks. The no-nonsense techniques are simple, easy to learn and most of all, they are effective.

Jake H

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